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360 Agent Program

Most people have their first contact with an insurance company through an insurance sales agent. These workers help individuals, families, and businesses select insurance policies that provide the best protection for their lives, health, and property.

Insurance sales agents held about 436,000 jobs in 2006. Almost 50 percent of insurance sales agents work for insurance agencies and brokerages. Employment of insurance sales agents is expected to increase by 13 percent over the 2006-16 period... Sales of health insurance and long-term-care insurance are expected to rise sharply as the population ages. In addition, a growing population will increase demand for insurance for automobiles, homes, and high-priced valuables and equipment. As new businesses emerge and existing firms expand their insurance coverage, sales of commercial insurance also should increase, including coverage such as product liability, workers’ compensation, employee benefits, and pollution liability insurance.

Most individuals and businesses consider insurance a necessity, regardless of economic conditions, so agents are not likely to face unemployment because of a recession.

Keys & Associates has developed a proven methodology to ensure our agents meet the growing demands of our clients. We ensure our agents have an understanding of the companies we represent. Our 360 Agent Program includes the necesary training and supervision to ensure that our team is productive and maintains the highest integrety.

Agent Training

You can expect to be well trained and you can expect one-on-one field training. It is critical that our representatives are well provided with the training they need to be successful in the marketplace.

We represent a variety of insurance carriers. We provide classroom training to build up our agent's confidence and product knowledge. Many of our carrier partners provide individual training and support to better educate our agents.

Our Mission

Keys & Associates mission is to sell and service all forms of insurance by representing the best carriers in the industry, by maintaining a superior client base, by hiring and retaining the most qualified representatives available, and by providing all agency personnel with the training and tools available to give the very best possible service to our clients and companies.

We strive to place the needs of our clients above our own, understanding that the only way we may benefit from the client/agent relationship is through the satisfaction of the client.